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Bringing Home The Right Crystal.

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Bringing Home the Right Crystal!

When we are selling gems, we usually get asked by people new to crystals which one’s we’d recommend for them. In our experience, choosing a crystal is all intuition – you may not actually FEEL energy buzzing from the top of an amethyst, but our bodies pick up the subtle vibrations these stones put off. The vibrations are produced by the geometric molecular structure of each crystal, and there are now even scientific studies dedicated to measuring these frequencies.

Generally my first suggestion is to walk around the store, and (as long as it’s ok with the owner), pick up as many as possible. People are generally naturally drawn to certain stones, though they may not know why, and often times when the right one is in your hand, you know. Often, when someone has chosen a stone and I then describe it’s properties, it fits perfectly.

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