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Choosing your Crystals

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

My favorite method is the method I used the day my first crystal chose me.

To try it yourself–walk around a crystal shop and just choose whatever crystals stick out to you. If you feel a pulse from any particular crystals that’s a great sign that that crystal might contain a healing property that you need. Small electric shock sensations, heat, coolness, and feelings of peace and calm are also great indicators of a crystal match. Some people might even experience a tingling in a particular chakra–especially the third eye chakra. If you don’t feel anything–don’t fret!

Pick out a couple of crystals you really love for any reason. My best tip is don’t over-think it. Don’t even read the informational cards that are sometimes provided, but be sure to jot down what kind of crystals you bought so you won’t forget. When you get home and read more about your crystals online you’ll probably find that they are the perfect remedy for whatever you are going through.

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