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Gemstone Guide

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Alphabetical Gemstone Guide:

African Turquoise – A strong protection stone. Promotes strength and confidence.

Agate – Promotes self-confidence. It is soothing, calming and great for relaxation.

Amazonite - Helps with balancing, soothing and calming. Promotes kindness and practicality.

Amethyst - Promotes heart chakra for love, joy and compassion. Helps with anxiety.

Aventurine - Provides strength, courage and confidence. Represents heart chakra for love.

Black Tourmaline – Protects from negative energies. Encourages positivity.

Calcite – Amplifies learning and organization. Increases energy level.

Carnelian – Promotes energy. Calms temper. Protects from bad energy and vibrations.

Citrine – Promotes self-esteem and abundance. Cleanses the chakras.

Dalmatian Jasper – Helps bring truth and loyalty to relationships and celebration of life.

Fancy Jasper - Promotes prosperity and abundance. Assists in sleeping and opens the heart chakra.

Feldspar – Promotes self-respect, self-awareness and creativity.

Flourite - Absorbs negative energies. Opens powers of other stones. Helps with joints and ailments.

Garnet - Promotes success in your career and business. A commitment stone that keeps you on your path.

Hematite - Helps with arthritis, joints and inflammation. Strong protection and grounding stone.

Howlite - Helps relieve stress of all kinds. Promotes calming and relaxation.

Labradorite - Helps with insomnia, arthritis, joints and inflammation.

Lapis Lazuli - Opens throat chakra for communication. Also stimulates creativity.

Lava Stone - Promotes passion, love, strength and the sacral chakra.

Lepidolite - Transition stone and helps reduce stress. Helps you choose the right path.

Magnasite – Is calming and relaxing. Aids in meditation.

Mahogany Obsidian – Helps balance root chakra and removes energy blocks.

Mookaite Jasper – Encourages openness to new experiences.

Moonstone – Promotes inner growth and strength including inspiration, success and good fortune in love.

Olive Jade - Dream stone. Promotes energy, vitality and happiness.

Opalite - Increases self-esteem. Supports inner strength and new life changes.

Peridot - Protection stone. Helps motivational growth. Releases negative patterns.

Peridot Jasper - Promotes clarity and has gentle energy to help soothe the body.

Chakra – A combination of gemstones that can help you Unearth Your Path on your life journey. Every bracelet is unique and one-of-a-kind. Perfect if you can’t decide.

Picasso Jasper - Helps with transformation of relationships. A protection and grounding stone.

Picture Jasper - Helps alleviate fear and anxiety. A grounding stone, connecting you to Mother Earth.

Pyrite – Stone of action and confidence. Symbolizes warmth. 

Rainbow Tourmaline – Great for grounding and balance. Brings harmony and compassion.

Red Jasper - Eases emotional stress. A great calming stone.

Rhodonite - Promotes Love! Helps internal healing and muscle cramps.

Rose Quartz - Helps open the heart chakra to be loved and love in return. Promotes self-confidence. Serpentine – Cleanses your energy and aura. Opens heart chakra

Snowflake Obsidian – Stone of purity. Known for balance and is calming.

Sodalite - Helps heal breaks in communications. Promotes logic and rationale.

Spiderweb Jasper - A balancing and soothing stone. It promotes gentleness and relaxation.

Tiger Eye - Promotes grounding and clarity. Helps set goals and keeps you focused on your path.

Unakite - Wards off negative energies. Aids in sleeping. Promotes prosperity and abundance.

Wood – A connection to Mother Earth and grounding. Represents love.

Yellow Turquoise – Empowering stone that promotes strength.

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